We wouldn’t be able to deliver so many experiences without the support of our city partners.

We can promote opportunities and experiences for children and young people via our web site or other social media channels for free!

If you want to work with children and young people, we can work closely with partners to co-construct resource, experiences and bespoke opportunities.

If you are a city partner and want to get involved, please contact the team to find out more:


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‘Our families loved this opportunity.'

Bec Baston
Deputy Headteacher

‘These sessions also definitely helped sharpen my social skills again and I’m glad to be going out and making some new friends again.’

Young person
Young person

'I am most impressed with how this programme is allowing for genuine pupil voice.'

Kim Fisher

‘A HUGE thank you to Passport to the City for the Judgment Day tickets! Our families have had a brilliant day watching the Scarlets v Dragons game.’


'What a fantastic experience for our children. Helped bring the curriculum to life.'

Rachel Woodward

The whole team really appreciate your support, it was an inspiring and memorable evening!

Candice Dyer
Senior Youth Worker