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Passport to the City provides opportunities for children and young people aged 3 – 25* to engage with experiences across the city of Cardiff. (*ALN)

Children and young people can participate in a range of fun activities and educational programmes.

We deliver bespoke programmes in collaboration with city partners that enable children and young people to develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging as a citizen of our capital city.

Passport to the City programme inspires and empowers children and young people to make a positive difference in Cardiff and beyond. It celebrates their achievements and encourages them to continue shining brightly as they shape the future of their city.


The Passport to the City team work closely with city partners, business, and organisations to promote experiences and opportunities accessible across the city.

We regularly share partner offerings on our twitter feed and Facebook page.

Check the events page for some of our key partners upcoming events.

Why not begin to explore your city by starting with the unique locations on our city map.

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Puppetry Workshop – We have been able to offer targeted schools opportunity to visit industry workshops. Pupils were able to see puppets used in the BBC production of ‘His Dark Materials’ and make their own puppets.

Museum Wales – We have worked with Museum Wales to provide curriculum linked after-school provision. Pupils were able to have unique access to museum exhibits linked to curriculum concepts.

University offering – Our work with Cardiff University has created multiple opportunities throughout the year for schools to engage with resource and expertise within the university. Con-constructed visits to university buildings has led to meaningful engagement for schools.


Dungeons & Dragons – Passport to the City collaborated with Geek Retreat and Exceptional Beasts to facilitate sessions based on young people’s interests.

Kayaking – We facilitated access for a group of young asylum seekers to experience one of Cardiff’s world-class amenities.

Event Experiences – Due to strong partnerships with businesses, we are often able to offer vulnerable groups and families opportunity to experience some sporting events and theatre productions hosted in Cardiff’s national arenas.